Why Your Company Should Sponsor Boxing

Brands come and go, but few stay and endure. Marketing makes the difference.


Sponsorship of boxing can be a key marketing tool for building long-term relationships with your customers. Sports occupy a prominent position in the hearts and minds of the consumer, and boxing emphasizes all the elements that keep them coming back: Action, excitement, thrills, big personalities, and …. heroes.


Perhaps your company provides a product or service for a certain demographic that follows “the sweet science.” Or perhaps your product relates to boxing and you want it to dominate the fight circuit. If your company is currently sponsoring boxing or other sporting events, or if you want to get into the game, Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency is here to serve you.


Let us make your brand a Hero!


Our mission is to provide our sponsors the highest possible level of visibility and exposure. Boxing’s position in sports and mainstream media has been established for generations - from newspapers and magazines, to television and radio coverage, and of course, a broad online presence which grows daily. Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency offers our sponsors unique public relations and marketing exposure at an incredible value that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, supplemented by the online and social media of Heroes Boxing and its boxers. 


Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency offers options for any budget with the boxer and match of your choice. Sponsorship opportunities include, but are not limited to, your company and/or product’s logo on the boxer’s trunks and robe, as well as the corner-men’s jackets. Your logo can also be displayed at weigh-ins, during training and at special events. Our connections allow you to participate in local, national or international televised boxing matches according to your budget.


Sports cuts through barriers of age, race, culture and economic levels. The audience demographics for boxing shift with each fighter, weight division and venue. Its growing magnitude continues to break records for live, broadcast, premium cable, streaming and pay-per-view events, making boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr., the highest paid athlete in the world. Boxing fans are loyal, faithful and often obsessed! Not just to the sport, but also to the companies and brands that support it. Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency associates your brand with the powerful emotions that exist at all levels of boxing.


We at Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency take your participation beyond event sponsorship up to the next level into the world of professional boxing. You can attend boxing matches, and gain access to fighters’ training camps and media gatherings. Your boxer can attend your own company’s special events, and/or endorse your products. All this builds personal relationships that go past mere monetary value.


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boxing sponsorship, sponsorship for boxers

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