For the Boxer.

As a boxer, you work hard to build a name for yourself. Sometimes years go by and the sweat you've put in at the gym has not paid off in money and recognition. Or, you may have recognition but not the financial gain that you seek. This is where Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency comes in before it's too late!


Let us provide you with an experience worthy of Heroes!


Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency provides you with extra income for each fight through our corporate sponsors. We will match you with one or more companies whose logos may be displayed on your trunks, robe, corner-men’s jackets, and more. Sponsors may also be promoted at weigh-ins, during training and other events. As you know, up to 50 percent of your boxing purse goes toward distribution and repayment of your team and responsibilities. However, the sponsorship funding is 100 percent yours to keep. Would this extra funding help you and your family? 


Big-name boxers get better fights with higher paychecks. However, most boxers are only in the public eye directly before and after their fights, which may equate to just four to six weeks in total. What about the rest of the year? That's where Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency comes in. We can create custom public relations and sports marketing campaigns that keep you top of mind in the sport. This includes press releases and internet and social media, including our website and Facebook page, your own site and/or Facebook and Twitter. 


Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency prides itself on close affiliations with charity and non-profit organizations. Through children’s hospitals, local shelters and other venues, our fighters have the privilege of interacting one-on-one with children and families. And special holidays call for special individuals to give hope to those in need. We provide opportunities to give back to the community.


One of the most satisfying rewards for a boxer's hard work, dedication and sacrifice is the recognition that he receives for it. Heroes Boxing Sponsorship Agency both hosts and participates in a number of special events that provide our boxers with the opportunity to help build and maintain their fan base. Examples include, but are not limited to, parades, meet and greets, awards ceremonies, autograph signings, and more.


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